Inspiration can and should come from anywhere. I still love flipping through bridal magazines or watching a cheesy wedding movie on cable even though the days of planning my own dream wedding are in the past. There are so many gorgeous details at a wedding and a reception – I like finding ways to apply those creative ideas to other occasions.

Recently my husband and I had the chance to get away and attend an amazing wedding in Wyoming. My college roommate was getting married and we weren’t going to miss it! She was a bridesmaid in our wedding and we really wanted to give her our support on her special day.

The ceremony and reception were held outdoors on a picture perfect day. The location was surrounded by breathtaking scenery. The flowers and decorations were varying shades of purple and looked so elegant against all of the lush greenery. When outdoors, using a bold color will really pop against the natural setting. All the flower arrangements were the perfect mix of late Summer and early Fall.

The happy couple was married under an arbor that framed them perfectly as they exchanged their vows. This piece is perfect for any outdoor venue – a garden, a vineyard or even a backyard. Plus, it’s a blank canvas for decorating. Every imaginable color will look marvelous against the wood and can easily be coordinated with multiple styles of flowers and fabrics.

In addition to their amazing wedding cake there was a charming dessert table. I loved how the cupcakes were displayed. I had not seen this idea before and it’s so clever! Each cupcake was in a small candy-filled cocktail glass. What a creative way to bring in more colors and textures to your event. This cupcake presentation can be used for any holiday or party theme and I plan to try it out soon.

Once the party’s over and the champagne is gone, the guests go home and the decorations are packed up. But a wedding is only the beginning of a loving life-long commitment. Congratulations on your marriage, Stephanie and Eric! We were so honored to be a part of your beautiful and inspirational wedding.